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At HoneyBaked in Sioux Falls, creating the World's Best Ham is what we are all about. From the slow-smoked tenderness to the craveable sweet-crunchy glaze, there's nothing quite like the taste of a handcrafted HoneyBaked Ham. Also try 2nd to most popular to the HoneyBaked Ham in our Sliced & Glazed Turkey Breasts. Our Roasts are made with the quality of HoneyBaked in every bite along with a signature BBQ Pork Back Ribs.

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HoneyBaked Half Ham

The Original HoneyBaked Ham - This is the ham that started it all over 50 years ago, establishing the handcrafted quality one-of-a-kind taste that HoneyBaked is famous for. The secret? Each Honey Baked Ham is smoked for over 20 hours for unparalleled tenderness. Then it is spiral-sliced to make serving a breeze. Finally, each ham is coated in our signature sweet-crunchy glaze by a Master Glazer right there in your local store for an incredible taste that's second to none. Enjoy!

Servings & Sizes: 8-10 lbs and serves 14-30

Price: $68-$78

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HoneyBaked Quarter Ham

The quality and convenience you have come to expect from HoneyBaked can now be found in our HoneyBaked Quarter Ham. Its smaller size and smaller price make it perfect for everyday family meals and smaller occasions.

Servings & Sizes: About 5 lbs and serves 6-8

Price: $45.99

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Boneless Ham

The Ham Experts have done it again - the quality you have come to expect from HoneyBaked can now be found in the HoneyBaked Deli-Style Boneless Ham. The best in class boneless ham is sliced thin, perfect for small portion needs like everyday lunches, weekend brunches and smaller weeknight meals occasions. Take comfort in knowing you're getting the authentic HoneyBaked taste in a size that's just right for you, backed by generations of expertise in serving the World's Best Ham.

Servings & Sizes: About 3.5 lbs and serves 8 or less

Price: $45.99

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HoneyBaked Sliced and Glazed Turkey Breast

HoneyBaked Sliced & Glazed Turkey Breasts are available in Oven Roasted or Gently Smoked and glazed by hand each day with our secret recipe we use on our hams.  Each tender breast is fully cooked and sliced, ready to enjoy.  They're 98% fat free so you can feel good about serving it to your family and friends. Serve with your HoneyBaked Ham for special occasions or during the busy weeknights.

Servings & Sizes: 2.75-3 lbs and serves 6-8 people

Price: $28.99

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BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Mouth-watering, fall-off-the-bone pork back ribs smothered in our own tangy barbecue sauce.  Already fully cooked, just heat, grab the napkins (and bibs) and enjoy!

Servings & Sizes: 3 lbs, serves 3-5

Price: $20.99

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BBQ Pork Roast

A fully-cooked barbecue roast that's so delicious, it's worth creating an occasion for. Our extra-special barbecue sauce makes this one roast they'll want again and again. Just heat and serve.

Servings & Sizes: 3 lbs and serves 4-6

Price: $25.99

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Beef Pot Roast

This is a home-style Pot Roast like Grandma used to make. The Roast is rubbed with the perfect blend of spices and slow-cooked until exceptionally tender. A delicious way to celebrate any occasion.

Servings & Sizes: 3 lbs and serves 4-6

Price: $27.99

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