Let HoneyBaked Cater your next event. Whatever the occasion; business meetings, holiday parties, weddings, graduations, we've got your menu covered from start to finish with a variety of mouthwatering options. Pick the right premium foods to suit your event and your budget. You'll be sure to have the best catering in Sioux Falls and the surrounding area!

Nutritional Facts

Boxed Lunches

Includes handcrafted sandwich, home-style side item, chips, pickle spear and a choice of cookie or brownie

Price: $9.75/ea

VIP Buffet

Includes an assortment of our handcrafted sandwiches arranged on a platter with your choice of two home-style sides and a platter of assorted cookies (VIP Buffet can also be made in the components rather than the sandwiches pre-made).

Price: $9.99 per person

Complete Meal

Our Complete Meal includes HoneyBaked Signature Meat Platter, Swiss and Cheddar Cheeses, Ripe Tomato Slices, Crisp Lettuce Leaves, Assorted Breads all arranged beautifully on a platter. The Complete meal also includes an Assorted Dessert Platter as well as choice of two Home-style Sides, Chips, Pickle Spears, and Tea or Lemonade. Includes all service ware you will need. (The Complete Meal can also be made with the sandwiches already made for convenience).

Price: $10.99 per person

Sandwich Platter

An assortment of our handcrafted sandwiches arranged beautifully on a platter. Includes chips.

Price: $7.75 per person

Signature Meat Platter

Create your own combination of honey baked ham, honey baked smoked or roasted turkey breast or roast beef.

Price: $5.69 per person

Fruit Bounty Platter

An abundance of seasonally fresh fruit arranged beautifully on a platter.

Price: $57.99

Veggie Platter

Includes an arrangement of fresh vegetables with ranch dressing great for dipping.

Price: $47.99

Meat, Cheese, & Cracker Platter

Each platter includes our Signature HoneyBaked Ham, Smoke and Roasted Turkey Breast, Swiss and Cheddar Cheese cut into bite-size portions and serviced with crackers.

Servings & Sizes: 10 - 100

Price: $31.99 - $81.99

Cookie Temptation Platter

Two dozen of our assorted cookies.

Servings & Sizes: Serves 24

Price: $28.99

Brownie Indulgent Platter

A dozen of assorted brownies.

Servings & Sizes: Serves 18

Price: $28.99

Assorted Brownie and Cookie Platter

A platter filled with an assortment of cookies and brownies.

Servings & Sizes: Serves 16

Price: $28.99

Bite-Size Dessert Platter

A unique arrangement of cookies, gourmet cheesecake, & assorted brownies.

Servings & Sizes: 18

Price: $38.99

Party-Wheel Platter

Includes a variety of pinwheels made from our unique cream cheese spreads and our signature meats, all rolled in a flour tortilla and cut into sizes perfect for any party.

Servings & Sizes: 20 - 55

Price: $20.99 - $55.99

Mini-Bun Sandwich Platter

An assortment of our handcrafted sandwiches made on miniature egg twist rolls arranges beautifully on a platter.

Servings & Sizes: 18 - 30

Price: $66.99 - $110.99